Sound Designer

Arti Ulate

Performed at "Sound Is The Movement" - Theater of Yugen, San Francisco, March 2011. Theremin sampler, Max/MSP and voice samples. Choreography by Daria Kaufman and Bianca Brzezinski.


Performed at ODC San Francisco, December 2010. Choreography by Daria Kaufman.


Japanese noise, musique concrete, surround-sound installations, drone-based sonic experiments - there are almost limitless ways in which to shape and design the auditory world around us. I love the way in which sounds placed just so and just then carry a huge impact on our experience. From the primal, fear-based instinct to uber-cerebral pyschoacoustic phenomena, sound is a prime mover in the world of the senses. I have been fortunate enough to work in this medium in a number of capacities for many years, from designer of sound for over 100 childrens' toys and games to composer of the aforementioned Japanese noisescapes (for dance), and I never cease to be amazed by its scupltability and ability to make one hear the world differently.


Watch this space!


2012 ARTI ULATE A new dance theater piece performed at Theater of Yugen, San Francisco and Subterranean Arthouse, Berkeley by choreographers/dancers Daria Kaufman and Bianca Brzezinski that approaches sound and movement as communication. Funded by Kickstarter and with a grant from the Zellerbach Foundation. 2010 11:56PM Performed in December 2010 at the ODC Theater, San Francisco. Choreography by Daria Kaufman. Presented as part of the ODC's 57th annual Pilot Light series.