Live recordings from the Switchboard Festival 2011

Live audio and video production excerpts from this 8-hour marathon concert in San Francisco.  I have had the privilege of documenting this event for the last three years. Amazing lineups of astounding musicians each year, and it just seems to get better and better.

Michael Bernier's new album, "Leviathan"

Available soon in surround sound!


NEW ALBUM - 'MELTING THE DARKNESS' RELEASE EVENT SPECTRUM NYC - NOVEMBER 12, 2014 Featuring works by Robert Rowe, Chris Burns, Iannis Xenakis, Alexander Sigman and Georg Fredrich Haas, and performed with disarming precision and passion by violinist Miranda Cuckson, this album has been a wonderful project to work on, and I am looking forward to hearing the final result at the release event. LUIGI NONO'S "LA LONTANANZA NOSTALGICA UTOPICA FUTURA" A surround-sound reimagining of composer Luigi Nono's seminal work for solo violin and electronics. This project has opened our ears to the magical, eerie quality of Nono's vision of an extemporaneous experience. Reworking the wandering of the violin through the 5.1 space (the piece is normally performed in 8-channel surround sound) has been a challenging technical and aesthetic process over the last few months, since violinist Miranda Cuckson, sound projectionist Christopher Burns and I recorded the piece in Queens NY in September. This was following a memorable concert where the piece was performed live. This album was recently voted one of the 'best classical recordings of 2012' by the New York Times, and is available on DTS-CD and Blu Ray through Urlicht Audiovisual, or I can be contacted directly for copies.

At CUNY studios with Miranda Cuckson and engineer Paul Special.

                MICHAEL BERNIER - LEVIATHAN Another CD release in the works is a surround sound version of Stick Men alum Michael Bernier's "Leviathan". Originally conceived in stereo, this Prog tour de force by the chapman stick maestro, multi-instrumentalist and all-round nice guy was always meant to be listened to in an immersive format like 5.1. The results from the surround mix and our studio listening sessions are nothing short of astounding, and this album, with guest appearances from Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) is likely to turn some serious ears in the next year or so.  Release date TBD, but sometime in the summer is likely, via New Spectrum records. NEW MONSTERS - LIVE SURROUND RECORDING Bay Area Jazz luminaries The New Monsters have decided to take the plunge into surround, and we are excited to record a first live surround album on May 5 at the Berkeley Arts Festival.